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Birthdate:Nov 3
This journal will contain anything from G- to Nc-17 content.


Posts will be made for [info]realmof_themuse and [info]random_fic. ALL FIC POSTS will somehow tie together, as I am using these groups to further along her voice.

Disclaimers/warnings/ etc.

  • This is an entirely original work. MY creation. Copyrighted to me. I will however admit to using many of Jennifer Tilly’s physical attributes on top of just using her as a PB. I do not own her image in anyway shape or form.

Woman Gives Birth In Casino

Charmed baby lends aid to gamblers...

Thursday, September 1, 1979

General Information


·Margaret Bethany-Francis. Only her family calls her Margaret.


·Maggie, Betty, Maria, Josephine, or Franny, etc. These are mostly stage names, except for Maggie, which is a family nickname.




IQ :

  • 135 Has above average intelligence. Prefers to "play stupid" around those to whom she could benefit from, until they prove themselves.


  • Terrified of house-apartment fires. Is obsessed with smoke alarms. (this will be written about as backstory)

Religious Beliefs:

  • Loosely raised Catholic
  • drifted away by the time she reached 15.
  • Believes in reincarnation and psychics-, etc.
  • Will pray to any god necessary that will get her out of any current scrape she is in.
  • No matter how many rituals and or bizarre sacrifices she makes, when in a real pinch or just getting out of one, she will make a swift sign of the cross and thank God.
    • You can take a girl out of the Catholic Church, but you can’t take the Catholic Church out of the girl.


  • Cruelty to animals (cute animals of course)
  • Rude men, snotty women who have never had to work a day in their life and rub everyone’s nose in it.


  • Has a thing for Lottery tickets, Salem menthols (has since slowed down on smoking - almost quit), champagne, and Martinis.
  • Obsessed with what ladies do and do not do, even if she does not follow those rules. *Loves to be treated like a lady.


  • Parents:
    • Father is French (Jacob Francis). Mother is Chinese (Bethany Francis).
  • Siblings:
    • One brother, Michael Jacobi Francis
  • Spouse/Serious Lover:
    • Not at this time, no.
  • Children:
    • None, unless they are useful, no, just no.They are cute from a distance and only then if they are returning soon to their parents or keepers.

Present Background

Occupation (s):

  • Secretary work when she needs a respectable cover –
  • Freelances as burlesque dancer in revues that need an extra. Note: Does not get completely naked during routine – teases only
  • Reads tarot cards for spare income.

Education :

  • High school and then Trade school


  • Secretarial


  • Can be found at casinos in free time. Cannot play well herself but is a “lucky charm” as some of the current gamblers like to call her. They actively compete to get her to stay at their side while playing.


  • Atlantic City currently – Is in Vegas frequently and dreams of going to Monte Carlo. (Does travel a lot)


  • She has quite a few but most are short-term companions and hangers on.
  • Has a good friend from high school, who stayed on the straight and narrow, named Sally Doyle.


  • Most will see her as strapped for cash. In reality, she has accounts that she is saving up in - after all, looks don’t last forever, honey.


  • Height: 5'5 1/2"
  • Eyes: Brownish-black
  • Hair: Brownish-red (often colored black or blonde).
  • Face & Complexion: Pale complexion, but can tan without burning.
  • Build: 36C-25-35 140lbs
  • Defining Marks: Will indulge in temporary tattoos on occasion
  • Dress Style : Vintage clothing, dresses knee length, jeans and t-shirt when no one is around or she is on the run. Professional work clothes when trying to be "respectable".
  • Manner of Speech: Soft girlish (obnoxious giggle snort habit)
  • Race:French/Chinese

Manner of Movement:

  • Depends upon what crowd she is working.
  • This woman has been trained to dance burlesque andis often theatrical in her movements

  • Always talks with her hands.


Marital Status:

  • Not currently married.
  • Got married in Vegas once.
  • Annulled the next day.
  • Short-term hubby was placed on missing person's list, in Vegas, a week later.

Sexual Preference:

  • Bi but not very active sexually, currently

Past Relationships:

  • Numerous ex-boyfriends, ex-fiancés’, sugar daddies, and those on a short list, entitled, “up and coming high rollers”. The latter being those she has yet to play with.

Present Relationship(s):

  • Free and clear with no desire for babies or husbands.


  • Prefers: Men with "big plans", high rollers (gamblers), and smooth talkers con artists. ...and ...magicians?


  • Very superstitious **
  • Loves Frank Sinatra, torch songs, swing time and martini lounge music. Has a passionate love for 'The Ventures' songs. Sure, she knows the modern music but it isn't her thing unless it has some of the aforementioned elements.
  • Had dreams of being a Vegas Showgirl but uhm, well…uh yeah, obviously a height issue. She was robbed, dammit!
  • Isn't as self-aware as she would like to think she is.

  • Yes, I know how to spell shiny *G*. The username I wanted was taken. So there.
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